Legit Paid Surveys for Money

Completing paid surveys online is an easy way to make extra cash on the side. You’re unlikely to get rich with the money from survey sites, but many of them do offer real cash, gift cards, and other perks for those who provide insights for their market research initiatives.

However, there are also scams out there that are just looking for your personal information or that never payout! So you need to make sure the sites you use are legitimate so you don’t end up wasting your time or worse.


Legit Online Survey Sites

The sites below include some paid survey opportunities that provide actual payouts. It’s important to always research specific survey sites before signing up since policies and processes can vary and change over time. But the platforms below offer actual payments and opportunities for those looking to earn points and get paid online.

Imagine if you could just share your opinion and make money. How great would it be to sit in front of the tv on your couch, in your free time, and make extra money just by saying what you feel about products, services, and newsworthy topics?

 Getting paid for having opinions!
You’re already doing it directly with your friends and family and even on Facebook or a number of other digital sites, so why not get paid for it?

Well…now’s your chance.

With online survey sites, you have the opportunity to earn a side income by saying what you feel and shaping the future marketplace for products.

And you can start making real money from it right now.

There really is a market where your voice can be heard through surveys in 2018.

In this article, I want to give you a complete breakdown of everything you need to know to make money taking surveys and what you can expect to get paid online.

So, if you have an opinion and want to get cash for it, it’s time to read on…


Legit Paid Surveys for Money

1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks touts its platform as a way to earn money for the things you already do. In addition to taking paid surveys, you can also earn money for surfing the web on their approved search engine, watching videos, or using their mobile app. You earn a bonus for signing up and then accumulate points whenever you complete these various tasks. You can then use those points to cash out with gift cards for various retailers or get cashback.

Average amount payout: $0.40 to $2 per survey

Payment method: Gift cards or PayPal

Requirements: Must be 13 years of age or older and a resident of the United States, Canada, U.K., Australia, or other approved countries.

2. Survey Junkie

You start using Survey Junkie by filling out a profile so the platform can match you with surveys that are relevant to your consumer preferences. Then, you can complete surveys on your computer or mobile device and earn points for each one. You can later redeem those points for PayPal cash or e-gift cards. You also only need to clear about $10 worth of points to cash out, which is lower than many other survey sites.

Average amount payout: $1 to $3 per survey

Payment method: PayPal or e-gift cards

Requirements: Must be 16 or older with a valid email address.

3. InboxDollars

InboxDollars lets you earn cash for taking online surveys, watching videos and TV, playing games redeeming coupons, and even shopping. The site also provides a $5 bonus for signing up, and provides a variety of payment options. You can earn cash and cards for various retailers.

Average amount payout: $0.10 to $0.25 per survey

Payment method: PayPal cash, check, or gift cards

Requirements: Must be 18 or older and live in the U.S.


4. MyPoints

MyPoints is primarily an online shopping and rewards service. But it also offers users the opportunity to take a paid survey for money. You can sign up for an account to access all the promotional options, including shopping rewards, surveys, watching videos, or redeeming coupons. The site works on a points system, and you can even earn points on surveys you don’t qualify for. There’s also a $10 signup bonus.

Average amount pay out: $0.35 to $1 per survey

Requirements: Must be 13 or older; some surveys and activities have additional eligibility requirements

5. LifePoints

Once you sign up for a LifePoints account, you’ll receive relevant survey opportunities via email. Some surveys include basic online questions, while others may require you to visit specific sites or even test out physical products first. You can choose the one you want to participate in, and the site tries to send out surveys to only the most relevant consumers. There’s also a community of other consumers that users can connect with. The site uses a points system to allow users to redeem rewards, which can vary over time.

Average amount payout: $0.20 to $1 per survey

Payment method: PayPal cash, gift cards, and other rewards

Requirements: Must be 14 or older and live in one of the dozens of eligible countries, which includes the United States.


6. Vindale Research

Vindale Research uses a similar model to many other paid survey sites. You sign up and create a profile with your basic demographic information. Then it matches you with relevant survey opportunities. You can take a paid survey on any device, and get paid with other activities like watching videos and making referrals. The site also sets itself apart by offering quick payments via PayPal and hundreds of survey opportunities each day.

Average amount payout: $0.50 to $5 per survey

Payment method: PayPal

Requirements: Must be 18 or older and live in the U.S., Great Britain, or Australia

7. Toluna

Toluna is an online community of influencers and survey takers. The site allows you to earn points by taking surveys, playing online games, or referring others. You fill out a profile and then get access to community features that are most relevant to you. Once you earn enough points, you can redeem them for vouchers to various retailers and businesses.

Average amount payout: $0.10 to $50 per survey

Payment method: Points that can be redeemed for vouchers, gift cards, or prizes

Requirements: Must be 16 or older; 18 for certain surveys and incentives

8. Branded Research

Branded Research is an online community for companies to collect relevant opinions from consumers. You can sign up with Facebook or your email address and then answer a few quick questions to get matched with relevant surveys to start earning points. From there, you get daily updates with polls, challenges, and other offerings that you can complete to get points.

Average amount payout: $0.50 to $3 per survey

Payment method: Gift cards, PayPal, cash, or charitable donations

Requirements: Must be 18 or older, or at least 13 with parent or guardian consent

9. Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research gives you the opportunity to take online surveys for money about new products and initiatives. You start by filling out some basic personal information. Then you can browse surveys on the platform and get points for each one. The compensation is a bit higher than many other sites. But some of the surveys and product tests can be more time-consuming. And participants may only receive a few opportunities per day. The site also has a full rewards section, so you can either redeem your points for cash or choose from a variety of prizes.

Average amount payout: $3 per survey

Payment method: PayPal, gift cards, or prizes

Requirements: Must be 18 or older and reside in the U.S., Canada, U.K., or Germany


10. Valued Opinions

Valued Opinions is an online market research site that lets users take surveys, test products, and review ad campaigns for cash. You simply fill out a profile to get matched with surveys that are relevant to you. Since the site offers higher compensation than many others, there aren’t a ton of opportunities to take surveys every day, but the ones that get sent to you are often relevant.

Average amount payout: $5 per survey

Payment method: Gift cards for select retailers like Amazon, Target, and Macy’s

Requirements: U.S. residents 13 or older

11. American Consumer Opinion

American Consumer Opinion is one of the oldest survey sites. The company has been around for decades and pledges not to sell your contact information to third parties. It sends out several surveys per year to its members. To sign up, you simply fill out a screener questionnaire and then the site will send you relevant opportunities directly.

Average amount pay out: $0.05 to $0.50 per survey

Payment method: PayPal cash or charitable donations

Requirements: Only one signup per household

12. Survey Club

Survey Club offers surveys, product testing, research panels, clinical trials, and even mystery shopping opportunities. You start by filling out a questionnaire with some basic demographic information. Then you can easily browse tons of opportunities on the site. Filter by surveys that are relevant to you, or you can even filter out those that are within a specific time range or topic area.

Average amount pay out: $0.50 to $5 per survey; each one includes a price in the description

13. i-Say

I-Say is a survey site that offers polls and a loyalty program where you can earn points and then redeem them for cash or gift cards. Once you sign up, you can get email notifications or simply browse opportunities on the website. Depending on your demographic information and how in-demand your insights are, most users get about eight survey opportunities per month. There’s also a loyalty program, so you can earn even more points the longer you keep your account going and the more surveys you complete.

Average amount pay out: $0.10 to $1 per survey

Payment method: Gift cards, PayPal cash, charitable donations

Requirements: Must be 16 or older and reside in the U.S. or U.K.


14. Harris Poll Online

Harris Poll Online isn’t just a survey site for you to make money; it’s also a community where you can share your opinions and even see the results of the surveys you complete. It’s run by the Harris Panel, which is a member of the National Council of Public Polls. It has a 45 year history and keeps participant information completely confidential. However, some of the polls you participate in may sometimes appear in various publications. Of course, it does also offer the opportunity to earn some perks for sharing your opinions.

Amount paid: $1 per survey

Payment method: Gift cards, online vouchers, or charitable donations

Requirements: Must be 13 or older in the U.S. and Canada, or 14 or older in other countries


15. OnePoll

OnePoll is known for providing short surveys that you can complete very quickly. It’s a U.K. based site, but is open to survey takers in multiple countries. Some of the results are used for market research purposes, while many others are used for press coverage. Since most cover trending topics that are relevant in the news, many respondents find them to be fairly interesting. Sometimes you can see surveys you’ve taken in the news.

Average amount paid: about $1 per survey

Payment method: BACS or PayPal

Requirements: Must be 16 or older, and some surveys require respondents to be 18 or older

16. Panda Research

Panda Research works like many other survey sites at first; you sign up for an account and add some personal information. Then you can get relevant surveys and other promotional opportunities sent right to you via email. However, there are also a few key differences. For instance, the site offers two payments via PayPal per month, on the 1st and 15th (you do have to earn at least $50 before receiving payments though). The platform also lets you earn additional money by completing tasks like reading emails and referring friends. In addition to the actual payments, members can also access coupons, discounts, and giveaways.

Amount paid: varies widely; some surveys don’t include incentives at all, but each one should specify whether or not an incentive is offered

Payment method: PayPal deposits

Requirements: Must be 18 or older and reside in the U.S.

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