Make Money Working on Short Tasks

Sites That Pay You to Do Short Tasks

1. Fiverr

fiverr - you bring the skill, we'll make earning easy

Fiverr works a bit differently than the sites we’ve mentioned so far. With Fiverr, you get paid to do short tasks as requested by users.

It’s a freelancing site that serves the market of people who need quick tasks done. When you register with Fiverr, you can create a profile offering tasks or search for tasks that need to be done.

Some of the tasks you might find available with Fiverr include:

  • Short writing assignments
  • Creation of poems or songs
  • Short video creations
  • Data entry tasks

And others. There is a wide variety of tasks available on Fiverr, and most are quick tasks that will just take a few minutes. Those are the target $5 tasks that the site promotes.

Want to earn more money? Fiverr also has options for bigger, longer term tasks that pay more. After you complete your task(s), Fiverr will send your money via PayPal or other options.

2. Upwork

When it comes to finding short tasks, Upwork has you covered. As one of the largest all-in-one freelance platforms, you can offer your skills to bid on projects.

Sellers can offer online task including freelance writing, graphic design, data entry, customer service, computer coding, translation, legal services, and more. As a seller, you get to choose your schedule, rates, and availability.

Overall, Upwork makes it easy for you to make money doing short tasks. Simply set up your profile, choose a membership plan, and then connect to clients.

Once your available balance is at least $100, you can request payment via direct deposit or PayPal.

3. Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mechanical Turk — or MTurk as it’s commonly called — is a quick task site backed by  Amazon.

The site offers thousands of available HITs (Human Intelligence Tasks) for those wanting to earn some cash.

With MTurk you might be asked to do tasks like:

  • Complete surveys
  • Do short transcription jobs
  • Perform Google searches
  • Validate data

Or other work. Each job pays a few pennies to a few dollars. When you’re new, your earnings will be held until you’ve been active on Mechanical Turk for at least 10 days, starting from the day you finish your first task.

After that, you can transfer whatever is in your account once a day.

You can request payment to a bank account or get an Amazon gift card for your work. The amount of money you’ll earn on MTurk depends largely on how quickly and efficiently you complete the tasks.

The tasks themselves only pay a few cents. However, if you can crank them out quickly you can earn a lot more per hour.

4. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie will pay you for completing surveys and sharing your opinions. Once you open a free account and complete your profile, Survey Junkie will begin matching you to surveys.

For every survey you complete, you’ll earn points that can be converted to PayPal cash. You can use your points to get gift cards to popular retailers like Amazon, too.

The longer the survey, the more you can earn. The average survey pays $1 to $3, but some pay as much as $45.

5. Shopkick

Shopkick is an app available for iOS and Android devices that will pay you for completing various online and in-store tasks. You’ll earn points — called “kicks” — for each task you complete.

Here are some of the tasks you can do with Shopkick:

  • Visit online stores
  • View online products
  • Watch videos
  • Make online purchases
  • Submit receipts
  • Walk into a store

The number of tasks you can do to earn money with Shopkick is pretty long. Shopkick will pay you via egift cards for the points you earn. You can get an egift card to Amazon, Target, Walmart and dozens of other stores.

The Shopkick website says most members earn their first gift card within a week of joining. How much you earn on Shopkick will depend on the earning avenues you choose.

The task-based projects typically pay under a dollar each. However, if you’re making online purchases you can earn a lot more.

6. 20/20 Panel 

This company conducts research through focus groups on behalf of different companies. The pay can be as much as $ 150 dollars depending on the study being conducted.

7. Toluna 

This is a legitimate site that pays members to test free products from home. In addition, you will earn money for completing online surveys and get paid cash via PayPal.

8. Rapid Workers 

 This site allows users to post small jobs, tasks and errands to a student workforce.

9. Swagbucks

This worldwide company pays you to complete a variety of short tasks that include taking online surveys, searching the web, watching videos, trying offers and more. You can redeem your earnings for cash, gift cards, store certificates and more.

10. Click N Work 

Global work at home company that hires employees for a variety of online tasks in data entry, research, interviewing and other web-based jobs. Payment for tasks done varies per project.

11. Clickworker 

Clickworker pays you to complete a variety of online tasks and pays via PayPal. The average person makes around $9 per hour but it depends on the task you complete.

12. Cloud Crowd

Earn money by completing simple online tasks from home like data entry, writing, editing, translation and more. You will need a Facebook account to sign up.

13. Crowd Source

Get paid to complete short online tasks like transcription, image tagging, writing, and more.

14. Do My Stuff 

Earn cash by doing chores for other people on a daily basis or over an extended time period. Payment is based on an agreement with the client for tasks such as dog walking, dry cleaning pick up and even cooking, among others.

15. Easy Shift 

Complete online tasks such as taking photographs or conducting price checks using your iPhone and get paid. Payment of $2.00 to $20.00 is sent via PayPal for every task completed.

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