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Best 14 Ways to Start Making Money in 2022 and Create a 7-Figure Business

April 04 , 2022 Builderall

Wonder how to take your business online? Or maybe do you want to start one? No matter if you’re a small local business owner, freelancer, or online entrepreneur, in this guide, you’ll learn exactly all you need to know to make money with Builderall 5.0!

Success in online business requires complete and easy to use solutions.

Who has time to learn technicalities, invest hundreds of od dollars in courses, and purchase a dozen overpriced tools and apps?

That is why Builderall has been created. To help small business owners and online entrepreneurs put a whole business online without having to buy dozens of tools and plugins, and then have to spend hours on learning how to integrate them together.

With Builderall you can easily build a business, automate processes, market, attract clients, scale, and sell online in one dashboard, and all of this at a price you’ll struggle to beat.

Thousands of small business owners and online entrepreneurs have already discovered success with Builderall when building an online business or scaling the business they already have.

Check out the best ways of how to take advantage of Builderall to start, run, and grow your business.

And if you’re not a Builderall member, I have good news for you because Builderall offers our readers a 14-day free trial where you can access all tools and features included in the platform.

If you’re not a brick-and-mortar business owner and want to start your entrepreneurial journey here are some best online business ideas to make money with the new Builderall 5.0.

Those are the legit business models that you can start with little or no money and grow into a business that will sustain itself.

I guarantee that if you put in hard work into one of these businesses you can start generating passive income very quickly.

If you want to learn more about this all-in-one platform, make sure to check out this Builderall review.

1. Start Builderall Affiliate Marketing Business

Roger is a young entrepreneur and is still learning, researching, and deciding on what type of business he will build online.

Yet he is still making money while getting his business off the ground.

Working only a few hours a week with the incredible Builderall affiliate program, Roger can generate a new sale every day helping small business owners, and today generates more than $500 every week.

Roger is still going to school and learning the market.

But one thing he already knows, the combination of a great offer, sales funnel and great affiliate system can generate a lot of money online.

Roger is extremely happy with all he has accomplished with Builderall and his future looks incredibly bright.

2. Website Design Agency

Tom is crazy about web designing, but he was tired of the same formats and layouts.

Tom wanted something new, fast, and efficient.

With the Builderall website builder, Tom has complete creative freedom.

He started to build professional websites with animated images, parallax effects, timers, and more.

With over 100 website templates available to him on Builderall, Tom can quickly design a website for his clients.

With Builderall’s superfast websites on CDN servers, his websites open in a second anywhere in the world, which is extremely important in an industry where speed is everything.

Today, Philip has the freedom to create any type of website in a fast and intuitive manner.

Since Builderall is completely integrated, he does not need to buy any other tools.

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3. Build an Online Course with Builderall eLearning Platform

Mark knows everything about email marketing and wanted to build an online course on the topic.

So, he decided to create a sales funnel on Builderall with:

Mark also takes advantage of animated videos, social proof, and Builderall’s checkout system to sell his courses online.

As a result, with only a few pages, Mark built a complete, and legitimate business using Builderall.

4. Create a Membership Site Inside Builderall

John runs a foreign language school and due to logistics limitations, he can only teach students in his country.

When he found out about Builderall, he discovered he can scale his business in a way he could have never imagined.

John created a membership site integrated with the Builderall e-learning platform and made available over 100 lessons in 15 different modules.

All of them with videos, PDFs, and tests at the end of each module.

Using Builderall, he created an incredible sales funnel that captures the emails of his potential students, offers them demo videos, and drives them to a sales page ready with his course for purchase.

Without having to go anyplace else, he added hundreds of students to his client base.

Today, with Builderall John can sell his courses across the whole country without having to rent a building for his school.

5. Lead Generation Business

Liam is a digital marketing professional. As an expert in his field, Liam was used to spending hundreds of dollars every month buying many overpriced and unfriendly tools.

Everything has changed when he discovered Builderall. By adopting the platform, he saved hundreds of dollars and lots of time on integrating all these tools to work together, since all the tools he needed are inside Builderall.

Liam is able to create dozens of sales funnels to build email lists with capture pages, A/B split testing, and conversion stance.

List Building

Today, Liam has more than 10,000 emails in different niches thanks to MailingBoss and can sell his products and promote launches every week leveraging Builderall’s webinar tool.

6. Start a Digital Marketing Agency

Henry has had a digital agency for years with hundreds of clients.

He created his digital agency based on local directories so he knows local businesses. With Builderall,

Henry offers his clients complete solutions with websites, blogs, virtual stores, sales funnels, Google search results, and more.

He develops websites, sales funnels, or blogs and manages all the content and marketing campaigns for his clients from his Builderall account.

With complete control over his time, he just visits each client once a month and in less than an hour, their campaign is ready to go.

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Make Money with Builderall as a Digital Nomad

Builderall Make Money

In today’s internet world you have many options to get the cash flowing.

You don’t need to be super skilled or have a lot of time on your hands to be able to make some extra money.

Sometimes you need to save for college or maybe you have your
eye on a little gift for yourself.

Whatever your reason is side hustle will be sure to help you out.

Here are a few ways to make money with Builderall without starting a business.

7. Handicraft Business

Eliza loves to write about handicrafts.

So she put aside the time to create her own handicrafts blog with videos and great articles using integrated Builderall’s blog builder.

Eliza collected emails for newsletters from her blog, which now has thousands of visitors every month, thanks to Builderall SEO tool.

Today Eliza earns money with Google AdSense and sends emails sponsored by companies that sell products in the handicraft niche.

Eliza charges around $500 for her services, sending automated email campaigns, and writing articles for her beautiful blog.

8. Selling Websites

Matthew knows how to sell websites on Flippa. With Builderall, Matthew can build websites to sell digital products, an e-commerce website, or a blog to be monetized with AdSense.

After building the website, all he needs to do is bring traffic.

Matthew will then sell the website on Flippa earning him around more than $1,000 in profit per transaction.

Selling Websites Profit

Imagine, Matthew no longer needs to migrate websites and files between servers, use FTP, or install any other software.

With Builderall, the buyer creates an account and Matthew transfers the website immediately giving them total access and control in a matter of minutes.

9. Start a Blog

Tony had a website that simply did not work. Even with him buying traffic, his leads would not convert into sales.

With Builderall, Tony completely changed the format of his website and funnel.

First, he created a sales page using one of the pre-built templates and then proceeded to add a floating video to surprise his clients and catch their attention to share his message in a clear and objective fashion.

Relieved, Tony is finally converting leads, clients, and sales.

Builderall For Small Local Business Owners

Builderall is not only a complete solution for online entrepreneurs, marketers, and content creators, but also for small local business owners who want to build their online presence.

And here you’ll find some ideas on how to use Builderall for your mortar-and-brick business!

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10. Dentist

Emily is a dentist and was desperately in need of new clients for her clinic.

With Builderall, she created a landing page to capture the emails and phone numbers from her local clients interested in free teeth cleaning sessions.

Builderall Dentist Capture Page

With a few clicks, she was able to leverage her local marketing campaign on Facebook and work with the leads capture funnel template which comes with Builderall Funnel Club.

In just four weeks, Emily brought in dozens of new clients that she can stay in touch with by taking advantage of MailingBoss, Builderall’s email marketing automation tool.

SEO Services For Doctors & Dentists

11. Pizzeria

Small Business Pizzeria

William has a pizzeria and struggling with getting clients to his business.

With Builderall business tools, William is able to bring new clients and keep the clients he already has.

To accomplish that, he designed a landing page for emails with browser notifications.

He ran an Instagram ad in his local city offering a 30% discount for his new clients.

Landing Page Pizzeria Discount

William gets hundreds of leads to send emails and browser notifications to, with incredible pictures of his own pizzas and daily deals.

12. Gym

Builerall Local Business Gym

Lucas loves the fitness world and has vast experience in the market.

He knows everything about how to attract clients to any gym leveraging digital marketing.

So he designed an ebook using Builderall Magazine Builder teaching gym owners the importance of digital marketing in today’s business world.

After the owners download the ebook, Lucas offers them a complete sales funnel to start bringing in clients.

Sales Funnel Gym Owner

The gym owners create a Builderall account and Lucas simply transfers the funnels and offer pages he designed specifically for gym professionals.

By following this method, Lucas shows his clients how to manage their marketing using the Builderall CRM tool.

Today, Lucas has dozens of clients and is now an authority in the field.

13. E-Commerce Store

James is the owner of a small local store where he sells clothes.

When he found out about Builderall, he decided to create a professional online store using the included Builderall e-commerce platform, Magento.

With e-commerce, he can sell and manage all his inventory in a very simple and intuitive way.

Today, James still has his local store, but most of his sales are online.

James also uses Builderall’s email marketing tool to send great offers and deals to his clients, scaling his business even more.

14. Recruitment Agency

Olivia works with marketing and managed to create an incredible recruiting funnel for her business opportunity.

In this funnel, she has a page with a video to capture emails that are connected to an email autoresponder sequence, webinar registration, confirmation, and presentation pages where she has a registration link to potential clients straight to the business offer she represents.

Sales Funnel Sequence

With the Builderall auto-funnel, Olivia can duplicate and share this same funnel to all entrepreneurs in her network.

They don’t even have to edit the funnel since it is already done for them.

Today, Olivia is one of the top sellers of her company.


How about you? What’s your story? Would you like to leverage your business or idea and turn yourself into the successful entrepreneur that you’ve always wanted to be?

Now, you can transform your idea into a business and make money with Builderall.

Join my team today and get immediate access to all my bonuses and training.

You will be pleasantly surprised by all it has to offer.

We can work together to write your success story on the internet. Builderall is the most complete online business platform available to anyone anywhere and created for people just like you, so give it a try.

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